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Gulfstream Commander Jet Prop "Best in Its Class"
Seating up to eight passengers, this aircraft features a full 'glass panel', custom leather seats, air-conditioned comfort, and under-wing large viewing windows. 
Cessna 207 7 Passenger Touring Plane
Cessna Turbo 207 "The Air Limo"
The Cessna 207 air 'limo' is a great alternative for larger groups and is less costly than helicopter flights. The tours are the same flight path as in the helicopter.
This aircraft features custom leather seats, blue-tooth headsets and each passenger gets to view from a large window right next to each seat. 
MD 520N "The Ferrari of Helicopters"
The MD 520N is our primary touring helicopter and is an excellent small group aircraft that has a high thrill factor.
This ship is high-performance and high exhilaration. It is a state-of-the-art technology making it the most eco-friendly helicopter in the industry.